1.1.6 Surface water – groundwater interactions


Surface water – groundwater interactions in the Pedirka subregion are largely confined to ephemeral river recharge (ERR). ERR refers to recharge occurring 'in channel' through the base of the river bed and does not encompass any localised recharge that results from overbank flooding (Love et al., 2013). Although flow events in arid-zone rivers are often anecdotally referred to as 'floods', overbank flooding along the recharge reach of the rivers is relatively rare due to the significant width and defined channel structure of the rivers.

Recent assessments of surface water – groundwater connectivity in the Pedirka subregion have identified the lower Finke as an important recharge zone for the GAB. The same research determined that key watercourses in the Macumba catchment, namely Alberga River and Stevenson Creek have limited recharge potential, with either the presence of an aquitard or a shallow unconfined aquifer restricting direct recharge.

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5 January 2018
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