Component 1: Contextual information

The contextual information component of a bioregional assessment is one of five components that bring together information about a bioregion or a subregion. Reports and registers, known as products, are generated as part of each component, building the body of knowledge about the bioregions and the risks and potential impacts of coal resource development.

This component, contextual information, gathers information about the regional context in which coal resource development is occurring. It has particular emphasis on water resources in the bioregion or subregion. The component comprises a series of products about each bioregion or subregion, describing its current condition and key characteristics. Existing information about the ecology, hydrology, geology and hydrogeology provides the basis for this work.

Local community, industry and scientific experts in each bioregion or subregion have contributed to information found in the Component 1 products.

Component 1 products

Products that are created as part of this component include:

1.1 Context statement

Makes sense of the whole system by gathering information about the geology, climate, land use, surface water, groundwater and ecology of the bioregion or subregion. This information can be drawn on when building conceptual and numerical models and interpreting the results of the impact and risk analysis.

1.2 Coal and coal seam gas resource assessment

A description of coal seam gas and coal mining activity over time in the bioregion or subregion, including current resource estimates and potential future developments.

1.3 Water-dependent asset register

A list, including descriptions, of water-dependent assets that are potentially subject to water-related impacts from coal resource development within the bioregion or subregion.

1.4 Receptor register

A list of receptors where impacts are assessed in the bioregional assessments.

1.5 Current water accounts and water quality

An assessment of the bioregion's or subregion's current water resources (e.g. groundwater or surface water), water infrastructure (e.g. dams), water allocations (e.g. extraction licences by sector) and water quality.

1.6 Data register

A list of datasets used in the bioregional assessments, including information describing data origin and provider.

The information provided in Component 1 products is used to support the research undertaken in other components, including model-data analysis and impact and risk analysis.