1.1 Context statement

The context statement for each bioregion or subregion brings together information that is known about the region at the time of writing. The product includes information on the ecology, hydrology, geology and hydrogeology of the area of interest.


For each bioregion or subregion, the context statement contains information about:

  • the geographical boundaries
  • demographics and land and water use
  • key water-related features such as floodplains, dams and waterways
  • hydrogeology and groundwater quality, including connectivity between water sources
  • details on the area’s topography, soil and land types and vegetated cover
  • detailed regional climate analysis
  • key geological and structural features
  • surface water hydrology and water quality, including impact of human activity
  • surface water – groundwater interactions
  • ecology, including information on groundwater-dependent ecosystems and regional biodiversity.


The context statement is important because it provides baseline information relevant to understanding the regional water resources in a bioregion or subregion within which coal and coal seam gas development may occur.

Information collected improves understanding of how the whole system functions and is relevant to interpreting the results of modelling and impact and risk analysis undertaken in each bioregional assessment.

This product does not include any new analysis or modelling for the area, it is essentially a stocktake of existing information and knowledge.