Stakeholder Engagement

User Panels

The Geological and Bioregional Assessment (GBA) Program user panels sought to provide a clear mechanism for supporting stronger relationships between the Program, key regional stakeholders and communities.

The panels sat within the overarching governance structure of the Program, which was designed to ensure the Program delivered the Government’s goals, provided scientific assurance and met community expectations.

The purpose of the user panels was to inform and develop fit-for-purpose assessments that address the questions and concerns raised by users in each of the GBA regions. The advice and recommendations provided by user panel members informed the scope of works undertaken by the Program scientists.

The panels for each of the three GBA regions were comprised of a broad membership that included Commonwealth and State regulators, local and state government representatives, industry representatives (gas and agriculture), Indigenous representatives, and other interested parties including local landholders, local water users and natural resource management bodies.

Panellist involvement enabled greater transparency between the Program, stakeholders and their communities.

Meeting Schedule:

User panel meetings were held approximately twice per year between 2018 and 2021.

GBA Region Meeting  1 Meeting  2 Meeting 3 Meeting 4 Meeting 5 Meeting 6
Beetaloo 31 Jul 2018 23 May 2019 12 Aug 2020 10 Dec 2020 28 April 2021  
Cooper 21 Mar 2018 19 Sep 2018 1 Aug 2019 8 July 2020 8 Dec 2020 22 April 2021
Isa 9 May 2018 13 Aug 2019 13 Aug 2020*      

*The Minister for the Environment concluded the assessment for the Isa GBA Region on 15 May 2020. The meeting on 13 August 2020 was the last for the Isa GBA Region.

Discussions from each meeting are summarised in short communiques. The communiques are agreed by panel members and published on the GBA website for the Cooper GBA region, Isa GBA region and the Beetaloo GBA region.

User Panel Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The Program conducting a targeted monitoring and evaluation project to measure the effectiveness and performance of the user panels in supporting the Program. This project runs for the life of the Program and aims to assess the effectiveness and performance of the panels and provide recommendations to improve Program outcomes.

The overarching objectives of the monitoring and evaluation project are:

  1. To assess the alignment between Program activities and outputs and the needs of the intended users
  2. To examine how data collected from the user panels has been used by the Program
  3. To assess how effectively the Program met the expectations of the intended (and other) users.

Project methods will include observation at meetings, interviews with user panel and Program members, and surveys to track sentiment over time.

    Last updated:
    10 May 2021