1.5 Current water accounts and water quality

The current water accounts and water quality product describes the existing understanding of the surface water and groundwater resources, water infrastructure and water allocations of the bioregion or subregion.  

Product 2.5: water balance assessment and Product 2.6.1 surface water modelling and Product 2.6.2: groundwater modelling, each require information about the water accounts provided in this product. Product 3-4: impact and risk analysis also uses information about surface water and groundwater quality compiled in this product.


Using information from previous studies and available datasets, this product provides information on:

  • the major water basins, watercourses, flows and reservoirs within the bioregion or subregion
  • water volumes held in surface water storages
  • surface water permits and allocations
  • licensed bores across the bioregion or subregion, including their intended use
  • water quality parameters, especially salinity.

Information about rainfall and evaporation can be found within the context statement for the bioregion or subregion.

Purpose of product

Information on surface water and groundwater quantity and quality is used to establish the existing understanding of the social, environmental and economic features of a bioregion or subregion. This understanding forms the basis for the assessment of the potential impacts of additional coal seam gas and coal mining development.