1.5 Current water accounts and water quality for the Gwydir subregion

Executive summary

Gwydir River near Pallamallawa © CSIRO Photo taken by CSIRO team member during BA field trip

In the Gwydir subregion numerical modelling will not be undertaken because coal resource development is very low. Consequently the detailed reporting of current surface and groundwater quantity and quality is not required. Instead this product, captured in March 2015, identifies the sources of information known to be available for current water accounts and water quality.

Water accounts

Data and information required for water accounts for the Gwydir subregion are primarily held in the Australian Water Resources Information System and the National Groundwater Information System.

Water quality

Information and data on surface water and groundwater quality in the Gwydir subregion can be sourced primarily from the New South Wales Office of Water and the Bureau of Meteorology.


Last updated:
9 September 2016