Statistical analysis and interpolation

This section focuses on the development of the three-dimensional geological model, which is based on the data sources introduced in the previous section. Multiple three-dimensional geological models were developed from the data sources described above, including four regional models of the following river basins:

  • Brisbane river basin (i.e. Lockyer Valley, Bremer river and Warrill creek basins)
  • Logan-Albert river basin
  • Richmond river basin
  • Clarence river basin.

In addition, one bioregion-wide model has been developed based on the four regional models. The reason for developing regional finer-scale models first was that considerable trial and error is involved in the development of three-dimensional geological models, and the computing time required to develop the bioregion-wide model is very long. Furthermore, the regional-scale models all have a finer resolution, which allows better assessment of the link between geology and hydrological processes in specific regions.

The datasets utilized for the different regional three-dimensional geological models are shown in Table 8.

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8 January 2018
Thumbnail images of the Clarence-Moreton bioregion

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