Seismic data

Seismic data are a valuable data source for three-dimensional geological modelling, particularly in assessing how faults may juxtapose different geological units. Seismic reflection data (processed seismic sections or grids which incorporate seismic data) were sourced from the Division of Resources and Energy of the NSW Office of Trade and Investment and from Metgasco Limited (Metgasco). The depth information in seismic sections is generally reported in travel time rather than metres below ground surface. For the data to be used in three-dimensional geological modelling, the seismic data need to be converted from travel time to depth. This is beyond the scope of the BA, however, seismic picks from processed seismic data and seismic interpretations which incorporate seismic data were provided by Metgasco (Metgasco Limited, Dataset 4) and the NSW Department of Trade and Investment (Dataset 5).

Last updated:
8 January 2018
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