Gippsland Basin supporting knowledge projects

The Bioregional Assessment Program commissioned a number of projects to improve methods for understanding how hydrological changes might affect environmental assets and groundwater-dependent ecosystems in the Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Mitchell rivers.

Improving knowledge of water-dependent assets and receptors in the Gippsland Basin

This project collated data on five groundwater-dependent ecosystems in the Gippsland Basin and developed conceptual models to show the complex interactions and potential relationships between coal resource development and groundwater and surface water, and how changes in groundwater and surface water levels and flows could impact groundwater-dependent ecosystems.

Assessment of accuracy of baseflow studies: Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Mitchell Rivers

The objective of this project was to improve the accuracy and reliability of baseflow estimates along the Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Mitchell Rivers, to improve understanding of the potential impacts of coal resource developments on water-dependent assets.


Assessing groundwater contributions to wetlands: Framework for quantifying groundwater flux to wetlands and assessing impacts of groundwater extraction – Volumes 1 and 2

This study developed a framework called a Water Assessment Tool that describes processes that control groundwater exchange with wetlands in different climatic, hydrological, hydrogeological and ecological settings. This framework is underpinned by a suite of methods that allow water managers to build knowledge of the wetland water balance components.

Last updated:
11 December 2018