Hazard analysis

A hazard analysis was conducted for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion (Bioregional Assessment Programme, Dataset 1) based on the existing and proposed CSG operations and coal mines and their water management (outlined in Section 2 .3.4.1 and Section 2.3. 4.2, respectively). The hazard analysis for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion was completed during a one-day workshop in May 2015 with experts from CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and the Department of the Environment. Specific coal resource expertise from these agencies beyond the Assessment team was included. Additional hazard analysis workshops for other subregions, some of which had stronger external representation, have assisted in confirming the comprehensiveness of the hazards identified for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion.

The hazard analysis for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion scored a total of 196 activities associated with CSG operations and 123 activities associated with open-cut coal mines. All decisions were recorded; however, some activities were left unscored if they were considered not applicable to the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion or if that activity was not expected to occur at the time of the assessment.

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16 October 2018
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