Potential coal seam gas projects

As previously outlined, coal seam gas exploration had begun in the Gippsland Basin bioregion prior to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and new coal seam gas licences in Victoria in August 2012. Drilling for gas is not allowed under the moratorium. Ignite Energy Resources planned to test the Traralgon Formation brown coals within the Seaspray Depression for biogenic natural gas (Table 13).

Table 13 Potential coal seam gas resource developments in the Gippsland Basin bioregion

Project name




Record datea

2C coal seam gas reservesb (PJ)

Status of EESc


Gippsland Gas

Ignite Energy Resources




3.7 Tcf (Trillion cubic feet)*

Not yet at EES stage

An independent report by MHA Petroleum Consultants, commissioned by Ignite Energy Resources, has estimated that EL 4416 hosts a 3.7 Tcf natural gas contingent resource (2C) (IER, 2015b)

aThe record date is the most recent date for updated coal seam gas resource numbers.

bThe Petroleum Resource Management System (Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2007) a 2C resource is a contingent resource: a volume that may be commercially recoverable once certain contingencies are satisfied.

cThe status of the project within an environmental impact statement (EES): pre-EES, EES in preparation, EES submitted, EES closed, supplementary EES and EES approved.

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8 January 2018
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