Potential coal developments

Potential coal development projects in the Gippsland Basin bioregion are catalogued in Table 12. The Yallourn Mine has an Environment Effects Statement (EES) that allows for the development of the open-cut coal mine through the Maryvale Coal Field (DPCD, 2010). At the current levels of extraction (approximately 14 Mt/year) this will satisfy the mine to the end of its current life until 2032. Hazelwood Mine has an Environmental Effects Statement (International Power Hazelwood, 2004) that outlines the West Field Extension of the current mine that secures its mine life until 2031. AGL – Loy Yang Power does not have a current EES but the 1996 approved work plan outlines the eastward extension of the current open-cut to secure a 40 year mine life until 2036 (Loy Yang Power, 1997). There is very little available documentation on the plans for Ignite Energy Resources Gelliondale project in retention licence (RL) 2013. Ignite Energy Resources (IER, 2015a) highlights that the coal deposit at Gelliondale is shallow and close to an existing port at Barry Point. The project is at an early stage in the development phase, with a significant amount of further feasibility assessment and consultation required.

Table 12 Catalogue of potential coal resource developments in the Gippsland Basin bioregion

Project name




Record datea


Total coal resourcesb

Status of EESc


Yallourn Coal Field Development Project (supersedes Maryvale Extension Project)

Energy Australia – Yallourn




Brown coal/lignite

347.5 Mtd (as at 2001)


DPCD (2010)

West Field Project

Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd




Brown coal/lignite

470 Mt


See 2004 EES

Future mining blocks within current MIN

AGL - Loy Yang Power




Brown coal/lignite

1.78 Bt, a further 764 Mt of coal in EL 4683 (now RL 2015)

No current EES. Last one in 1975, SECV

Loy Yang Power (1997), Loy Yang Power (2012)


Ignite Energy Resources Limited




Brown coal/lignite

6.2 Bt (IER, 2015a)

Not yet at EES stage

JORC classification level not stated on Ignite Resources website with resource estimate

aThe record date is the most recent date for updated coal resource numbers.

bThis is calculated by summing the resources with Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) codes of measured, indicated and inferred.

cThe status of the project within an environmental effects statement (EES)

dTotal coal resources quoted directly from Yallourn Coal Field Development Project (2001), Table 5.2, Page 36

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8 January 2018
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