1.1.6 Surface water – groundwater interactions


There is very little information available regarding surface water – groundwater interactions in the Arckaringa subregion. Recent research indicates that there is negligible recharge to the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) aquifers in the north of the subregion, with minor scattered zones of recharge potential predominately in the south-west of the basin. Interactions between surface water systems and groundwater resources in the area occurs either via hydraulic connectivity between GAB springs and the river system or local interactions between surface water drainage networks and shallow alluvial aquifers. The Neales-Peake catchment contains numerous GAB springs that are hydraulically connected to the surface water network, either due to springs being located on the floodplain of a river (e.g. North Freeling) or experiencing periodic connection from tributary flow (e.g. Hawker spring group). It is probable that this connectivity between springs and surface water drainage networks also exists in the south-east of the subregion in the Margaret Creek and Warriner Creek subcatchments, although very little is known of these areas. In addition to the waterholes of the area, the springs provide an important aquatic refuge environment for fish communities and, in an area prone to extended dry spells, will provide the only available refuge following 18 months of no rain.

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5 January 2018
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