For each parameter set in the uncertainty analysis, three simulations are undertaken as follows:

  • no coal-development simulation – This simulation runs from 1983 to 2102 on a monthly stress period. The heads at all the model cells are initialised with their values using a steady-state simulation for the first stress period of the model. No mining is performed. Groundwater is extracted via licensed bores for the transient stress periods. Rainfall recharge and evapotranspiration are spatially and temporally varying.
  • baseline simulation – This is identical to the no-coal-development simulation, except that the five baseline mines are made active (including the drain boundary simulating mine dewatering and conductivity enhancement for those mines).
  • CRDP simulation – This is identical to the baseline simulation except that all additional coal resource developments are also made active for a total of 12 mines and 1 CSG development.
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6 December 2018
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