Dellworth Project

The Dellworth Project, owned by NuCoal Resources Ltd is anticipated to have more than 10 years mine life (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2012). The site (under EL 6594, valid until July 2015) is approximately 20 km north of Singleton (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2012) and 4 km north-north-west of Ravensworth. In June 2014, NuCoal Resources Ltd reported that although thermal coal resources have been identified at Dellworth for the domestic market, the resources at its other nearby project (Savoy Hill) are more marketable and lower cost than at Dellworth, so the company is concentrating on Savoy Hill for the time being (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2012; NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2014a, p. 2). Further independent geological assessments are being undertaken to determine the viability of pursuing an assessment lease for the Dellworth tenement area (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2014b, p. 1). Target seams at the Dellworth Project are the Bayswater Coal Member at the base of the Burnamwood Formation of the Wittingham Coal Measures (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2012). A preliminary concept study by Palaris provided a draft mining plan for the prospective areas over a 10-year anticipated mine life producing 500 kt/year to 1 Mt/year of coal for domestic consumers (NuCoal Resources Ltd, 2012, p. 1). As at 6 January 2015, no EIS has been submitted.

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18 January 2019
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