Model development


This section describes the key steps taken to develop and implement surface water models for predicting hydrological changes arising from coal resource development in the Namoi subregion. It includes discussion of the spatial and temporal modelling domains, the spatial resolution of the modelling, the development of a future climate trend and the development of time series of open-cut and underground coal mine footprints.

The modelling domain comprises the catchment of the Namoi River above Walgett (38,500 km2) including the Peel river basin. Within this domain, 54 model nodes have been identified at which daily streamflow predictions are produced. The model simulation period is from 2013 to 2102.

Seasonal climate scaling factors from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, China (IAP) global climate model are chosen to provide a trended climate input over the course of the simulation period. This results in a reduction in mean annual precipitation of 1.9% per degree of global warming.

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6 December 2018
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