Surface water numerical modelling

Surface water modelling in the Namoi subregion is achieved using a combination of rainfall-runoff modelling and river system modelling. The rainfall-runoff model is the Australian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA) landscape model (AWRA-L) (Viney et al., 2015). This model is applied using the regional calibration scheme described in companion submethodology M06 (as listed in Table 1) for surface water modelling (Viney, 2016). The choice of the AWRA set of models is also described in M06.

The simulation of river management or routing of streamflow through the river network with a river model is necessary as the river system has large stream stretches and regulation relating to reservoir operation and consumptive use such as irrigation demand (see companion submethodology M06 for surface water modelling (Viney, 2016)). Therefore, a routing model, the AWRA river model (AWRA-R, Dutta et al., 2015) is used to model surface water resources in the Namoi subregion.

Last updated:
6 December 2018
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