Five modelling studies within the Namoi river basin were identified using four surface water models. Of these studies, only the Namoi Catchment Water Study considered coal mine and CSG development scenarios. Of the eight scenarios in the Namoi Catchment Water Study, scenario 1 has the coal mine and CSG development configuration closest to those considered for the baseline future for the Namoi subregion, while scenario 2 is closest to the CRDP future. Predicted differences in average streamflow between the two scenarios are no more than 0.2% at key locations along the Mooki and Namoi rivers.

As identified in companion submethodology M06 (as listed in Table 1) for surface water modelling (Viney, 2016), there are many generic surface water models that have been applied in Australia for a multitude of purposes. However, there are no surface water models fully suitable for use in BAs that have been applied previously in the Namoi subregion. For a discussion of the reasons for the choice of the Australian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA) landscape model (AWRA-L) and river model (AWRA-R) in the Bioregional Assessment Programme, refer to companion submethodology M06 (Viney, 2016).

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6 December 2018
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