Glasserton and Kahlua pilot wells

Santos completed a Review of Environmental Factors for the Glasserton and Kahlua pilot wells in the south of the Namoi subregion (Figure 11) near the township of Gunnedah.

The Kahlua pilot test site is located on an outcrop of the Triassic Napperby Formation (Gunnedah Basin sequence). The project involved an exploration test on the Kahlua 2 well. In this location, the Gunnedah Basin sequence dips to the south-west and outcrops are observed to the north-east. The full Triassic sequence of the Gunnedah Basin was logged at this location, with the target coal measure, the Black Jack Group, intersected at a depth of 159 m below surface at Kahlua 1 (Santos, 2008). The Kahlua pilot test was stopped after 30 days due to operational requirements. The target seam for the Glasserton pilot was the Hoskissons Coal in the Black Jack Group (Golder Associates, 2011), however the pilot test was not undertaken. Currently, the Narrabri Gas Project has priority and no further activities have been proposed by Santos for its Glasserton and Kahlua pilot well sites.

Last updated:
5 January 2018
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