1.2 Resource assessment for the Namoi subregion

Executive summary

Gulligal Lagoon, which is located about halfway between Gunnedah and Boggabri on the western side of the Namoi River, NSW, 2005 Credit: Courtesy of Neal Foster

The coal and coal seam gas resource assessment for the Namoi subregion summarises the known coal and coal seam gas resources and developments as at October 2014.

The information found in this product was used to develop the coal resource development pathway for the subregion. 

Coal and coal seam gas resources

The Namoi subregion is underlain by the geological Gunnedah and Surat basins, both major coal-bearing basins in eastern Australia. The Gunnedah Basin has a history of petroleum and coal exploration and coal mining. The subregion has also attracted interest for its potential as a coal seam gas resource. As at October 2014 the Gunnedah Basin had approximately 4% of the proved and probable coal seam gas reserves in Australia.

Economic deposits of predominantly black coal are located mainly within the Maules Creek and Mullaley sub-basins of the Gunnedah Basin. These deposits vary from 3.5 metres to 17 metres in thickness.

Current activity and tenements

As at October 2014 coal was being mined in the central and eastern parts of the Gunnedah Basin using mainly open-cut methods. There was one underground mine in operation.

There was no coal seam gas production for commercial purposes in the subregion. However, some appraisal and pilot testing of coal seam gas production was underway.

Proposals and exploration

As at October 2014 four new coal developments had been approved by the New South Wales and/or Australian governments: Maules Creek, Boggabri Extension, Tarrawonga Extension and the Vickery Project.

Two developments in the subregion were seeking approval to operate (Watermark and Caroona), while two others were in the exploration phase (Vickery South Coal Project and the Goonbri Exploration Project). The Narrabri Gas Project was under consideration.

Coal and coal seam gas development and exploration was occuring primarily in the central and eastern parts of the subregion near the townships of Gunnedah, Narrabri and Werris Creek. 

Last updated:
5 January 2018
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