Cameby Downs Expansion Project

Cameby Downs Mine, which is currently operating at ML 50233, is owned by Yancoal Australia Ltd which acquired Syntech Resources Pty Ltd (which was in turn previously owned by Goldman Sachs) in 2011, and with it, the mine (Yancoal, n.d.). The Cameby Downs Expansion Project was developed prior to Yancoal’s ownership of the mine and although expansion (Stage 2) to the open‑cut mining is still planned, it has been reduced from the original plan by Syntech Resources (Queensland Government EHP, 2013b). Timing is uncertain because of delays to upgrade of facilities and infrastructure including development of stage two of the Wiggins Island Coal terminal and the Surat Basin railway, on which the expansion project relied (Yancoal, n.d.). The mine’s water requirements for the life of the project (around 40 years) will be 8,000 to 10,000 ML a year for coal washing, coal dust suppression and production of potable water, it is intended that CSG co-produced water from nearby operations will be sourced for these purposes (Queensland Government EHP, 2010, p. 3).

The original expansion plan proposed that life of mine would be increased by up to 40 years. The revised Cameby Downs Expansion Project is reduced and although revised life of mine is not reported, the expansion may not currently apply to leases 50261 to 50268 (Queensland Government EHP, 2013b). The expansion is expected to increase annual production to 14 Mt ROM coal although this will depend on sufficient port and rail capacity via Brisbane or Gladstone using new rail links yet to be constructed. Until that time, mining is expected to proceed at a rate of up to 3 Mt/year of coal transported by rail to the Port of Brisbane for export (Queensland Government EHP, 2013b).

The EIS was due for submission to the Queensland Government on 31 March 2014 and was intended to be provided for public review (Queensland Government EHP, 2013b). An EIS was not presented to the Queensland Government by the required date and as a result the final terms of reference for the EIS have ceased to have effect (Queensland Government EHP, 2014). Should the proponent wish to continue with the EIS process further requirements must be complied with before an EIS can be submitted (Queensland Government EHP, 2014).

The project proposal includes open-cut mining of the Cameby Downs coal lease and adjoining leases for processing at the Cameby Downs coal handling and preparation plant, out-of-pit spoil dumps and in-pit spoil disposal of waste rock. The proposal also includes a rail loading facility at Cameby Downs Mine to allow transportation of coal to the Port of Gladstone in the longer term, depending on new rail infrastructure.

Last updated:
5 January 2018
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