Knowledge gaps include the nature and influence of any geological structures and their role in hydrogeological processes in the southern Cooper subregion. The flow direction and water quality of the Cooper Basin hydrostratigraphy is not well defined in the southern Cooper Basin. The potential for connectivity between the basal Eromanga Basin and the Patchawarra Formation has been identified, but there is no substantive evidence currently available to assess this further. This represents a major knowledge gap.

The surface water hydrology of the Strzelecki Creek is also not well characterised. Apart from the presence of discharge springs in Lake Blanche, the connection between the groundwater and surface water systems in the southern Cooper subregion is interpreted from regional water table mapping, which shows that the water table is 10 to 20 m below ground, except at Lake Blanche. This needs to be supported by more local-scale investigations.

Water quality data for the subregion are limited; therefore, conclusions cannot be made on spatial and temporal variability of commonly measured water quality parameters.

Last updated:
31 October 2018