The stream gauges have relatively few missing records except one in Suttor River (120304). The missing data are particularly less for the headwater catchments. The period of record for some gauges is relatively short. These gauges may not represent the climate variability of the catchment well. More information on data gaps will be provided in later products, because the modelling and analysis contributes to identifying further gaps. Likewise, recommendations for monitoring will be reported in later products.

Water quality data for the surface water systems in the Galilee subregion is very limited in terms of water quality parameters measured, and spatial and temporal distribution of data points. Therefore, it is difficult to draw any conclusion on water quality based on available data. Further discussions on data gaps and potential opportunities for future work are outlined in companion product 3-4 for the Galilee subregion (Lewis et al., 2018).

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6 December 2018
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