2.1.4 Surface water hydrology and water quality


The Galilee subregion and its neighbouring areas contain 36 streamflow gauges as listed in companion product 1.1 for the Galilee subregion (Evans et al., 2014). This product describes data from 15 of them that were used for hydrological model calibration or assessment of impacts due to the coal resource development pathway (CRDP). The source of streamflow data, site information, data period and quality of the flow records are summarised in Section 2.1 .4.1.

Analysis of the streamflow records was reported in the contextual information in companion product 1.1 for the Galilee subregion (Evans et al., 2014). The analyses included annual and monthly flow characteristics and baseflow component based on available flow records for each gauging station. No additional analyses have been undertaken in this product other than presenting a summary of the quality of the observed data. The period of record for some gauges is relatively short and may not represent the climate variability of the catchment well. Details of flow analyses are presented in companion product 1.1 (Evans et al., 2014) and companion product 2.6.1 for the Galilee subregion (Karim et al., 2018).

Water quality data for the surface water systems in the Galilee subregion is very limited in terms of data points and number of data. Therefore, no analysis on water quality data is performed other than reporting a summary of selected water quality parameters (e.g. electric conductivity, turbidity) as presented in companion product 1.5 for the Galilee subregion (Evans et al., 2015).

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6 December 2018
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