1.2.3 Proposals and exploration


The Gloucester subregion is underlain by the geological Gloucester Basin which is the focus of Section 1.2.3 . Hydrocarbon exploration in the Gloucester Basin commenced in the 1970s when approximately 300 shallow holes were drilled to search for coal deposits. Coal seam gas (CSG) exploration commenced in the 1980s when four holes were drilled to approximately 500 m depth. This exploration also provided more information about geology and for coal development. Current exploration permits and expansion plans under licence are listed in Table 3 and locations are displayed in Figure 7 and Figure 8.

Proposals have been submitted for expansion of open-pit coal mining at Duralie and Stratford mines by Yancoal Australia Ltd and a new mine at Rocky Hill in the north of the Gloucester Basin by Gloucester Resources Limited. AGL Energy Limited has proposed a CSG resource development known as the Gloucester Gas Project. This is targeting the Gloucester Coal Measures at depths in the range 200 to 1000 m below ground level. Up to 110 gas wells and associated infrastructure are proposed in Stage 1.

Figure 7

Figure 7 Coal titles in the Gloucester subregion

(a) Rocky Hill Coal Project, (b) Stratford Extension Plan and (c) Duralie Coal Extension Plan.

EL = exploration licence; ML = mining lease; AUTH = authorisation

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5 January 2018