Potential coal developments

All known potential coal developments in the Central West subregion to date are catalogued in Table 4. All those listed here are discussed in Section 1.2.3 and their locations shown in Figure 5 in Section 1.2.3 . The Ulan Coal Mines Continued Operations Project and the Cobbora Coal Project have approved environmental impact statements (EIS) and published Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) Code compliant resource figures. The Phoenix Vision Coal Pty Ltd project is presently at the exploration stage and actual activity, quality of coal and potential tonnage or reserves are not reported.

Table 4 Catalogue of potential coal resource developments in the Central West subregion

Project name




Record datea


Total coal resourcesc (Mt)

Status of EISd


Cobbora Coal Project

Cobbora Holding Company Pty Ltd



11 May 2010

Thermal Coal

630 (Reserves)

1050 (Total)

EIS approved

EMGA Mitchell McLennan (2011)

Phoenix Vision Coal Pty Ltd

Phoenix Vision Coal Pty Ltd



No resources reported

Not reported

Not reported


Activity, quality and tonnage uncertain

Ulan Coal Mines Continued Operations Project

Ulan Coal Mines Limited (Glencore plc)



31 Dec 2012

Thermal Coal

193.4 (Reserves)

1940 (Total)

EIS approved

NSW Department of Planning (2010)

Umwelt (2011)

aThe record date is the most recent date for updated coal resource numbers.

bMaterials fall into one of the following four classes: thermal coal, coking coal, pulverised coal injection (PCI) and unspecified.

cThis is calculated by summing the resources with Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) codes of measured, indicated and inferred.

dThe status of the project within an environmental impact statement (EIS): pre-EIS, EIS in preparation, EIS submitted, EIS closed, supplementary EIS and EIS approved.

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5 January 2018