1.3.2 Ecological assets


Of the 1148 ecological assets listed in the asset database for the Sydney Basin bioregion, 751 were deemed to be water dependent for the purposes of the Assessment. The asset list contains 961 assets in the ‘Vegetation’ subgroup, 34 in the ‘Groundwater feature (subsurface)’ subgroup and 153 in the ‘Surface water feature’ subgroup. All assets in the ‘Groundwater feature (subsurface)’ and ‘Surface water feature’ subgroups are water dependent. Of the 961 assets in the ‘Vegetation’ subgroup, 564 assets are water dependent; these assets comprise 200 in the ‘Groundwater-dependent ecosystem’ class and 364 in the ‘Habitat (potential species distribution)’ class.

Last updated:
21 January 2019