Arrow Energy 'Boonah and Beaudesert' Project

Arrow Energy Pty Ltd currently holds exploration permits ATP 641 and ATP 644 in the Clarence‑Moreton bioregion in south-east Queensland (Figure 10). Within these tenements, Arrow Energy has to date drilled 31 exploration wells, targeting both the Walloon Coal Measures and the Triassic Ipswich Coal Measures where they occur at shallow depths to evaluate regional geology, coal properties, gas content and permeability of the coal. In different intervals of the Ipswich Coal Measures of the Mount Crumpet‑1 well, water flow rates ranging from 0 to 0.5 L/s were encountered (Oberhardt, 2009). Likewise, in flow tests evaluating the permeability of the Walloon Coal Measures, very low water flow rates were encountered for different intervals, for example ranging from 0.01 to 0.02 L/s in Cunningham‑1 (Oberhardt, 2010).

In addition to the exploration wells, Arrow Energy has drilled three production trial wells (Mount Lindesay‑7, Mount Lindesay‑8 and Mount Lindesay‑11) for extended production testing over a time period of up to 239 days. The initial 30 days production testing at depth interval 341.1 to 512.8 m at Mount Lindesay‑8, for example, produced no gas while 69,840 L of water was produced. During the extended 239 days trial period, 72,000 m3 of total gas and 552 m3 L of water were produced (Oberhardt, 2011).

Groundwater management associated with the production trials has been outlined by an underground water impact report (Arrow Energy, 2012).

No resource estimates are available, and ATP 641 and ATP 644 will expire in March 2018 and October 2019 respectively. At this stage, there is currently no submission of an EIS for development of gas resources in these tenements. Arrow will continue to work in accordance with the terms of the ATPs and accompanying environmental authority requirements (Herbert (Arrow Energy), 2014, pers. comm.).

Last updated:
8 January 2018