Gloucester subregion’s geological datasets are characterised by a poor spatial coverage. The main part of the subregion is poorly covered and in some areas not covered at all.

Incorporating new well data or well data not publicly available at the cut-off date of November 2013 could help to better constrain the geological framework of the Gloucester subregion. A list of the deep well reports that are either recently publicly released or that are going to be released in the coming years follows:

Some other two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic reflection data have also been acquired by the companies in the Gloucester subregion:

  • AGL Energy Ltd (2010) 2009 Bucketts two-dimensional seismic survey report, PEL 285 – Gloucester Basin, NSW
  • AGL Energy Ltd (2011) 2010 Mograni three-dimensional seismic survey report, PEL 285 – Gloucester Basin, NSW
  • AGL Energy Ltd (2013) 2012 Thunderbolt two-dimensional seismic survey report, PEL 285 – Gloucester Basin, NSW.

However, using information from these reports was not possible due to the lack of publicly available interpretation of data. Proposing a new interpretation of these datasets would require a program of seismic interpretation and calibration with available well logs. This work could be in scope for a new phase of Gloucester subregion geological modelling.

In 2013, AGL acquired helicopter-borne magnetic and radiometric data for a large part of the geological Gloucester Basin. These data are not currently available (as of November 2013) to the Assessment team. The magnetic data in particular would be very helpful in improving geological models of the Gloucester subregion.

The geological model proposed in Section is one possibility among many. Note that the location and orientation of most faults are unknown. This model can be updated with a stochastic distribution of the faults. Additionally, the lithology and the facies can be implemented to study flow properties and connectivity. For instance, a sub-seismic dataset, conditioned by the fault population, can be used to test the potential impact faults could have on the 3D coal connectivity at the scale of a prospect.

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14 June 2018
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