3.1.3 Structure of this product

This product presents information about the impact and risk analysis for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion and is the key output of the BAs. The structure is as follows:

  • Section 3.1 describes the scope of the BA conducted for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion and summarises the critical philosophical and operational choices.
  • Section 3.2 describes the methods for assessing impacts and risks in the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion. There is a strong focus on the conceptual model of causal pathways as this provides the logic and reasoning for the impact and risk analysis. It includes details of the databases, tools and geoprocessing that support the impact and risk analysis, and the approach to aggregating potential impacts to landscape classes and assets. The approach is consistent with that outlined in the companion submethodology M10 (as listed in Table 1) for analysing impacts and risks (Henderson et al., 2017).
  • Section 3.3 provides a closer look at the spatial extent of hydrological changes within the zone of potential hydrological change. Outputs of the modelling are used to define a zone of potential hydrological change, which is used to focus the analysis, noting that surface water was not modelled in the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine and this zone is therefore based on groundwater modelling only.
  • Section 3.4 considers the impacts on and risks to landscape classes in the zone of potential hydrological change due to additional coal resource development. This section presents an aggregated, system-level analysis of potential impacts on landscape classes. Landscape classes (where they exist) and other information sources are described, including iconic species or communities within each landscape class. The zone of potential hydrological change is overlain with the extent of the landscape classes to identify those ecosystems and assets that might be subject to hydrological change (noting that quantitative receptor impact models were not developed for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion).
  • Section 3.5 considers the impacts on and risks to water-dependent assets (Mitchell et al., 2015) in the zone of potential hydrological change due to additional coal resource development. The analysis focuses predominantly on asset subgroups and classes, rather than each individual asset. It includes ecological, economic and sociocultural assets.
  • Section 3.6 assesses the potential hydrological changes and impacts due to the additional coal resource development that were not modelled (noting that all mines and gas fields included in the CRDP for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion are modelled).
  • Section 3.7 concludes with key findings and knowledge gaps. Commentary is provided on how to validate and build on this Assessment in the future.
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12 December 2018
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